Rebecca Kylie Law

is a poet, essayist and reviewer. Her recent books include In My Days and In My Sleep (Interactive Press, 2015) and Earthly Darling Came (Ginninderra Press, 2016). Publications by Picaro Press include include Offset, Lilies and Stars and The Arrow & The Lyre. Her work also appears in diverse journals including thewonderbook of poetry, Notes for The Translators, Poems for the Young Chinese Adult, Australian Love Poems 2013, Southerly, Westerly, Rochford Street Review, The Australian, Spiritus and Assisi: An online journal of Arts & Letters. She is currently completing her PhD in the Writing & Society Research Centre on the poetry and poetics of Peter Dale Scott.

Research Practice

My practice is divided into three areas of discipline: poetry, literature reviews and research. In my own poetry I am interested in religion, culture, nature and community. My literature reviews are eclectic yet survey, for the most part, recently released Australian poetry collections by individual Australian poets. My PhD research area is the poetry of the Canadian-born American writer Peter Dale Scott. A former political diplomat in Warsaw and author of numerous political prose books, Dale Scott in his poetry shows a constant struggle between the personal and the political in the quest for truth and a world free of suffering. My thesis is an analysis of Scott’s seculum series and considers the ways in which his poems might be “structures for a new dawn”.


In My Days and In My Sleep, Interactive Publications, 2015.

Earthly Darling Came, Ginninderra Press, 2016.