Matt McGuire

is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature. He has published widely on various aspects of Irish and Scottish literature. His key publications include the academic monograph, Contemporary Scottish Literature (2008). He is the editor of The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Scottish Poetry (2009), The Everyman Book of Irish Poems (2011), and The Collected Poems of Iain Crichton Smith (2011). His work has appeared in various peer-reviewed journals including the Edinburgh Review, Scottish Studies Review, Clues and New Hibernia Review. His current research explores the role of literature in the aftermath of political conflict, with a focus on Northern Ireland in the wake of the Troubles.

Matt McGuire is also the author of two novels, Dark Dawn (2012) and When Sorrows Come (2014). He has appeared at the Glasgow ‘Aye Write’ Book Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival been featured as a guest outhor on the BBC and on ABC Radio National.

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