Louise Carter

is a doctoral candidate at Western Sydney University and a member of the Writing & Society Research Centre. Her poetry has appeared in Best Australian Poems 2012 & 2015, Cordite Poetry Review, Meanjin, Westerly and Seizure. She is currently working on her first full-length collection of poetry as part of her doctoral project.

Louise’s poetry is an exploration of postmodern urban Australian culture, often through the slightly distorted lens of obsessive love. It generally features quirky observations of place interwoven with snippets of conversational dialogue, providing a multi-dimensional sense of what it’s like to inhabit the suburbs and cities of Australia as a woman in the 21st century. As part of her doctoral project, Louise is researching the poetics of postmodern secular reverence, using Interferon Psalms by Luke Davies as a springboard for a discussion about the poetic expression of awe and wonderment within a secular age.



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